Pool Rules




  • slideEveryone using the pool and its facilities does so at his/her own risk.
  • The pool hours are subject to change depending on usage and weather.
  • All members must present their season membership card to gain entrance. If your membership is used by anyone other than to whom it is issued, it will be revoked by management. No refunds!
  • Please do not leave valuables unattended. The management will not be held responsible for lost or stolen valuables.
  • First aid facilities are located in the pool office. Please report any injuries.
  • Parents are urged to instruct their children as to what time they are to leave the pool. The time is announced at each rest period. Patrons will not be paged to the phone.
  • Rest periods are observed every hour at 10 minutes before the hour. Adults (18 and older) and children under 12 months are permitted in the pool and on the pool wall during rest period. There is no use of diving boards during rest periods unless a lifeguard is on duty.
  • To ensure the Hilltop Swim Club employs only the finest lifeguards, we do practice periodic “red shirt” safety drills. During these drills the pool will be cleared unannounced.
  • Members under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a responsible individual, 14 years of age or older.
  • Hilltop Swim Club will not tolerate any activity which might result in injury or may annoy other Club members.
  • No running in and out of the facility.
  • Anyone who is not neat or clean or has skin problems will be refused admittance.
  • Goggles, swim rings, water wings, light-weight toys, masks, fins and beach balls are permitted. Rafts are permitted if the pool is not too crowded.
  • Please, no tire tubes, styrofoam toys, snorkels, hard balls, squirt guns or frisbees.
  • Swimmers must wear bathing suits. Cut-off pants are not permitted.
  • Diapers are prohibited. Children should wear water diapers.
  • Life jackets are not permitted.
  • To ensure the safety and cleanliness of Hilltop Swim Club the following are prohibited:
    • alcohol, marijuana or any other illegal drug
    • persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • restaurant carry-in food or drinks
    • glass containers or aluminum cans
    • profane language or indecent behavior
    • physical or verbal abuse towards and Club member or employee
    • hanging on the floats around the deep end
    • running on deck, grass area or shallow end of the pool
    • smoking in the building
    • pushing or throwing bathers into the pool
    • towels and other items of clothing taken into the pool
    • pyramids, rough housing, dunking, towel snapping shoulder riding or rough wrestling
    • spitting in or out of the pool
    • climbing on the Lifeguard chairs or visiting Lifeguards while they are on duty
    • loud playing of personal radios
    • diving or jumping over the pool walls
    • diving from pool walls, all diving must be done inside the ropes
    • sailor dives or flips off the side of the pool
    • loitering outside the fence and in the building hallways, restrooms, and entrance
    • gum chewing


Diving is a potentially dangerous activity; divers assume all risk of head or bodily injury.

  • only one person on a board at a time
  • only one bounce; no double springing
  • diving must be done straight out, only front dives are permitted
  • go directly to the correct ladder or swim straight out away from the divers
  • swimmers using the diving boards must be strong enough to swim out to the ropes unassisted
  • no back flips, sailor dives, gainers, side gainers, back dives or cut aways
  • no walking back from the end of the diving board
  • adults are not permitted to catch children off the boards, they must be able to swim to the ladder unassisted


  • please wait at the bottom of the stairs
  • only one person may go down the slide at a time
  • no T-shirts are to be worn
  • you must be able to go down the slide and swim to the ladder unassisted. Adults are not permitted to take down or catch children.
  • please do not attempt to stop yourself in the tube; go straight through


  • this slide is designated for infants and young children only
  • this slide is to be used by children under 75 pounds
  • children must go down in a seated position, feet first.
  • only one child on the slide at a time


  • the small pool is open to guests and members age 21 and older
  • the small pool hours are weekends and weekdays between swim lessons and swim team
  • no one is permitted inside the small pool fence during lessons except those enrolled in lessons
  • patrons under 21 are not permitted in the small pool area unless they are taking a lesson or are involved in swim team